When it feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders… we give them the tool kit they need to succeed.

About Us

eHome Military is an innovative online counseling service led by a Veteran whose passion is leading a company that cares for service members and their families by providing them with the skills they need to be mission ready in life. With over 40,000 treated clients, eHome Military seeks to dramatically reduce the mental health crisis plaguing our Veterans and their families. Our services are accessible anytime, anywhere, via smartphone, tablet, or computer. Our model of care utilizes a proven high engagement treatment model, which seeks to reduce suicides and the adverse effects of PTSD. We provide Veterans and their families everything they need to be equipped for the challenges of daily life. We offer military personnel the following types of counseling


A personal session between the client and the therapist.


Allows the couple a way to process and deal with specific issues hindering the marriage and teaches them how to be supportive of one another in order to move forward in their relationship.


Allows the family to process the client’s issues in the context of the family unit and addresses the dynamics between each of the family members.


Allows the group members to experience universality and process their issues in the context of other Veterans with similar struggles. This format can expedite the client’s issues coming to surface, because their interpersonal behavior is witnessed in real time.

Who is eHome Military?

eHome Military is based in Orlando, Florida and is a subsidiary company of eHome Counseling Management Partners, LLC.  The company has partnered with Safe Harbor Behavioral Care, LLC to provide the highest quality counseling services to match our technologically advanced care solution. Safe Harbor Behavioral Care, LLC has over 20 years of counseling history, with 180 counselors in 109 locations in 12 states, including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Through careful counselor selection and exceptional focus on the client experience, Safe Harbor has a 91% client satisfaction rate with 89% of clients recommending Safe Harbor to others. Its extensive network and number of counselors ensures the ability to get an appointment quickly and easily.

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