How it Works

They fought for peace.
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How it Works

Helping Veterans enroll in our counseling program is a simple process and it involves three basic steps: enrolling, assessing the client, and treating them – delivering high satisfaction rates and peace-of-mind. Client enrolls with eHome Military. We make it easy, with three ways to schedule an appointment:


Client enrolls with eHome Military. We make it easy, with three ways to schedule an appointment:

In most cases, Veterans can schedule an appointment for the next day


  • Client’s intake forms are completed and processed electronically and securely.
  • Client receives email with receipt and log-in credentials.
  • Email is sent to eHome counselor to inform them of new client’s appointment.


  • Client receives video counseling session.
  • Email is sent to client with survey and to schedule next session.
  • Client receives 90 days of follow-up care support by Counselor via texting or email.
  • Predictive analytics,
measurable results with M3, diagnosis to track progress.

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Throughout treatment eHome Military utilizes

Confidential Texting

Proactive short mental health coaching sessions 2-3 x per week

Video Counseling

Individual and group sessions with a trained counselor

Proactive Population Management

We collect data utilized to identify clients at risk for a mental health crisis. This tool helps us to proactively engage with them before the situation escalates

Mental Health Apps

Available on smart phone

Measurable Results

Use of our M3 inventory to provide a progress metric to track current mental health status

Educational Videos

Clients have access to psycho-educational modules on our website

We believe life transformation begins with unwavering leadership.

eHome Military Difference

eHome Military (eHM) is transforming lives by leading the way and revolutionizing the behavioral healthcare industry. Through video and text counseling, the Sixth Sense™ counselor performance model, and analytically based outcomes, eHM provides a convenient, confidential, highly effective alternative to traditional office-based behavioral counseling.

  • Treatment through video conferencing. Client meets with his or her counselor by video conference on a computer, tablet, or phone. There’s no need to drive to a counselor’s office and risk being seen by a friend or co-worker.
  • Treatment through text messaging. Clients are scheduled for 15-minute texting sessions, offering privacy and convenience. Often, clients share concerns via text they wouldn’t share in person.
  • Online resources. eHome Military provides online video and audio resources for stress reduction. Clients can watch the videos at their convenience. A brief quiz follows each video to ensure client comprehension.
  • Predictive analytics. eHome Military uses predictive analytics to identify clients who may be in a crisis state. Missed appointments and crisis texts are evaluated to determine if additional intervention is required.
  • Evidence based outcomes. Upon entering the program, clients are assessed using the M3 test, a gold standard in evaluating behavioral health conditions. Midway through treatment, clients are reassessed to measure improvement and counselor effectiveness. At the end of the program, they are given a final test to provide a quantifiable indication of overall efficacy.
  • Sixth Sense™ counselor performance, training and coaching. Our Sixth Sense™ program selects the best counselors, ensures exceptional training and supervision, and provides quantifiable evaluation for coaching and improvement. Using the video and text delivery method, counselors are not constrained to a specific geographic area. Counselors are evaluated using M3 results as well as client satisfaction surveys, allowing best practices to be shared. Supervisors provide support for counselors and conduct peer review case sessions.
  • Integrated systems. eHome Military has integrated, HIPAA-compliant systems for client intake, scheduling, patient notes, billing and a patient portal. Through the portal, patients can make and confirm appointments with their counselors.

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