We face challenges head on.

Through customized counseling, our licensed therapists will journey with you through your deepest struggles until you are mission ready for life.

eHome Military recognizes the sacrifices made by military families. For those who have struggled with loss or return of a loved one from deployment, adjustment can be especially difficult. Many of our counselors understand these hardships and struggles of military life firsthand, as they too have served our country.

Using the Sixth Sense Counselor Performance Model™, eHome selects “A player” counselors that create a strong therapeutic alliance that builds trust and ensures great outcomes. All eHome counselors are Masters level clinicians or psychologists and hold a current, unrestricted license to practice in the client’s state of residence.

Unlike other companies that match clients and counselors by algorithm, eHome’s Client Care Team personally matches clients with the best counselor to meet their needs and schedule. Through customized counseling sessions, our counselors journey with clients as they work through some of life’s greatest struggles.

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The Sixth Sense™ Counselor Performance Model

A key differentiator for eHome Military is our Sixth Sense™ counselor performance model, leveraging technology and the attributes of our successful counselors to select similar, high-performing therapists. These counselors undergo extensive background checks and complete online training courses prior to becoming an eHome Military counselor. Using metric based feedback and client satisfaction surveys, our counselors are recognized for outstanding performance and coached in areas of opportunity.

Below is our Sixth Sense process for eHome Military counselor selection:

The quality of the client-therapist alliance is a consistent predictor of positive clinical outcome independent of the variety of psychotherapy approaches and outcome measures.

Client LR

I enjoyed working with my Counselor. She helped me more in 12 weeks than I got in 14 years of therapy.

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